Why our puppies are the best?

We are a small family owned breeder in northern quebec, raising cattle, horses, and the ridiculously adorable, breath taken Maltese puppies. We exclusively breed only Maltese and ALL of our dogs are AKC REGISTERED!

Breed Traits

Good with Children & other Dogs.
Shedding: Occational
Grooming: Occasional
Trainability: Responds Well
Height: 6-7 inches (standard), 5-6 inches (miniature)
Weight: 5-7 pounds (standard), 2.5 - 5 pounds & under (miniature)


Reverse sneezing: Sometimes confused with a collapsed trachea, this is a far less serious condition and lasts only a few minutes. Reverse sneezing primarily occurs when your dog is excited or tries to eat or drink too fast. It also can occur when there are pollens or other irritants in the air. Secretions from the dog's nose drop onto their soft palate, causing it to close over the windpipe in an automatic reaction. This can be very frightening to your Maltese, but as soon as he calms down, the reverse sneezing stops. Gently stroke his throat to help him relax

Male VS Female

​As far as selecting a male or a female puppy, they both are wonderful, they are all affectionate and they are all loyal! They ALL have their own potty training issues, one is not better than another and if they are spayed/neutered at the appropriate age, most problems will begin to fade with proper training. Most Maltese, male or female, will get along with everyone, pets and people.

Puppies Looking for new homes

A whole lot of personality into a tiny little body!





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